Biodegradable 3D printed splints as alternative to a cast

Brazilian company Fix It designs and 3D prints splints made from biodegradable plastic, as an alternative to traditional casts.

Anyone who has ever broken something, knows plaster casts are a bother. They are warm and stuffy, can’t get wet, and somehow, it always itches underneath.

Fix It aims to, well, fix this. Like a plaster cast, the splint is customised and made with biodegradable plastic (PLA), derived from beet, sugar cane and corn, using a 3D printer. The colour is also customisable. The material is hypoallergenic and lightweight.

Thanks to the design that uses as little material as possible, the splint is breathable and allows for ventilation. Another plus, the plastic is water proof, so no plastic bags around your cast when you shower. In addition, the splint can be removed and reapplied during the time you have to wear it.

According to Fix It, the splints with 3D printing are as efficient as regular plaster. “Used in the common treatment of orthopedic or neurological injuries, they can immobilize the affected limb with the same precision, as the region can easily be scanned and create a personalized splint with the patient’s anatomical design,” they state on their website.

Photos: Fix It