Bonaveri presents the world’s first biodegradable mannequin

When you think about ways to help the environment, changing the production of mannequins is probably not the first thing to come to mind. However, it is what the people of Bonaveri did, the leading Italian manufacturer of artistic mannequins. At the 2016 Green Carpet Challenge during London Fashion Week, they unveiled the first-ever biodegradable mannequin, called BNATURAL.

In 2012, Bonaveri launched a research project about the environmental impact of their mannequin production. The conclusion was that the base material of the mannequins was the main problem. In an effort to change their carbon footprint, they started to develop BPlast®, a biobased polymer that consists for 72 per cent of sugarcane derivative. The production of mannequins made from BPlast reduces CO2 emissions compared to commonly used petrochemical plastics over the lifecycle of the product. The material has a three star OK BIOBASED certification from Vinçotte, a Belgian company that ensures quality.

Not only is the base material of eco-mannequin made from biodegradable material, the paint is as well. BPaint®, as it is called, is made from natural plant based resins and oils. Bonaveri uses plant based, phosphorous free surfactants and solvents made from orange peel. The paint is also free from cobalt-salts and naphtha, using a new water technology. It contains no petroleum at all, but has the same performance level as petroleum based paints.

The manufacturing operations are assessed against Eco-Age’s GCC Principles of Sustainable Excellence, covering social welfare, environmental protection, training provision and security for workers.

Working with the motto “Fashions come and go, but nature will always remain”, Bonaveri has taken a step in the right direction with their eco-mannequins. You can watch their campaign video here.

Photos: Bonaveri