Bobbin Collection Innovates with Yarn and Resin

Turning a single threads into three dimensional objects, Bobbin by Studio nito is inspired by bobbins, yarn structures and the general material possibilities of textiles. Colourful yarns are turned into solid, stable furniture pieces using an innovative manufacturing technique they developed as part of what was intially a research project.

Furniture pieces within the Bobbin Collection include chairs as well as coffee tables. The pieces are made by wrapping yarn fused with resin around different moulds, resulting in three dimensional strucures that are solid and rigid, yet maintain the look, feel and sensibility of a textile. In essense, the manufacturing process used here is comparable to weaving or basketry while the wide choice of yarn colours allows for a variety of different expressions.

Two different chair types offer a specific comfort, while the coffee tables come in different sizes and can be used to store everyday objects of display special objects under the table top.

Studio nito explain that they are inspired by textiles in their work because of the huge range of possibilities they offer for the creation of flexible and fluid structures and forms. An experimental office, their research results in a continuously complementary archive of inspirations and ideas that for the basis for versatile projects.