Schemata Architects rarely deal with ‘soft’ materials in their daily practice, but in this case, they designed their Boingboing installation with the soft and delicate fabrics of manufacturer Kinnasand’s new ZOOM collection.

As architects, it is Schemata’s professional mission to make something ‘stand.’ Following this principle, Schemata decided not to ‘hang’ the fabric for the installation, but rather make it ‘stand.’ After many experiments, they decided to use optical fiber, taking advantage of its transparency, buoyancy and flexibility. Optical fiber strands are woven into fabric and serve as supporting structure, while the fabric connects the woven strands and reinforces the surface strength. They made it into three “loops” to create three-dimensional objects.

These lovely objects absorb and respond to external forces in their entirety without partial deformation, resulting in the gentle bouncing movement of “boing, boing”. The “loops” create multiple visual layers, emphasizing translucency of the fabric.

The unique characteristics of the fabric– namely its delicate suppleness and mist-like translucency – fill the entire space expressively.