Breathing Textile at Dutch Design Week

With the fast-paced lives we lead, many of us are in an active mode most of the time and have difficultly unwinding at the end of the day. In response, Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Desiree van der Gracht designed a ‘breathing’ textile that has a calming effect on our minds and can be incorporated into interior design products.

This breathing textile made of mohair and wool fabric includes an airbag that mimics human breathing patterns, ambient lighting and a controlling device. The quiet movement of the textile along with the tactile surface that responds to touch with a pleasant glow, have a soothing effect on busy city dwellers.

The concept of the textile is that it can be used like a “brick,” and you can build all kinds of interior products ranging from ‘cocoon-like’ chairs to room dividers to a covered ceiling installation.

The breathing textile was realized with the help of Philips Design and the Textile Lab of the Textielmuseum Tilburg. It will be on display at the Graduation Show Design Academy of Einhoven as part of Dutch Design Week until October 25, 2015.