A brick façade inspired by fabric folds

Architectural firm Behet Bondzio Lin Architekten designed a brick façade that seems to move like fabric.

The façade is designed for the building of the Association of the Northwest German Textile and Garment Industry. The design was inspired by the statue of Beethoven by Max Klinger. This statue shows a seated Beethoven with fabric draped over his legs. Though the statue, including the fabric, is made of solid stone, the design is so expertly executed that the fabric appears to be light and fluent.

The architectural firm used seven different types of bricks in varying colours. Each is positioned to form a seemingly moving façade, playing with light and shadow. In total, 74,000 custom-made clinkers have been used, each arranged beforehand in a computer programme to create the desired effect.

The building is enclosed on three sides, except the north, where light comes in through glass panels.

The design won the Deutscher Ziegelpreis in 2019.

Project team: Stefanie Gaasch, Tim Kossel, Ines Schulte, Pavla Briksova, Anika Schneider

Photos: Thomas Wrede VG Bild-Kunst Bonn, Reimund Braun, behet bondzio lin architekten