Ceramics made of egg shells and algae

Argentinian designer Cynthia Nudel designed ‘bioceramics’, artful objects made of eggshells and brown algae.

According to Nudel, this project arises from a conflict between two concerns: on one hand, her passion for traditional ceramics and, on the other, her values of respect for the environment and for the zero-waste philosophy, as well as the attempt to minimise the impact on the environment. Traditional ceramics require clay to be extracted as well as high energy consumption when using a kiln. Therefore, Nudel turned to biobased materials.

The designer created a substitute for traditional ceramics using eggshells, a waste product of a local bakery, and sodium alginate from brown algae. Traditional ceramic glazes are replaced by natural pigments, made from waste, such as eucalyptus bark and yerba mate leftovers. The pieces are dried at room temperature, and are biodegradable at end-of-life.

“The pieces in this collection are inspired by nature and speak of people’s disconnection from it,” Nudel says. “Black tones that symbolize destruction, but also greens of vegetation and whites that reflect purity, or earth tones that remind us of our essence. Beyond the decorative function, these pieces have a divulgative intention and they invite us to join a change of paradigm.”

Photos: Cynthia Nudel