Ceramics made of eggshells

Dutch designer Laura van de Wijdeven of Atelier LVDW developed a ceramic-like material made out of eggshells that is also biodegradable.

Annually, 10 billion eggs are produced in the Netherlands alone, which makes the country the largest egg exporter in the world. Eggshells are sometimes used as a soil improver in agriculture, but generally, they are viewed as waste.

The material Atelier LDVW developed shows how this material can be reused once more before returning it to nature. Eggshell Ceramic, as the material is called, is a biodegradable but strong material, which has the appearance of ceramics, but is as lightweight as cardboard. The material can be used as a more sustainable replacement for single-use products.

Van de Wijdeven experimented with various recipes, including one that included biochar, a black pigment made from organic waste, by OurCarbon (read more about this project here).

Images via DDW