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These circular watches are made with recycled consumer waste

The start-up Circular Clockworks collaborated with Dutch recycling company Coolrec to create a line of circular watches, made from post-consumer ABS waste and leather waste from the shoe industry.

The aim of the project, aside from making watches, is to bring the circular economy in the limelight. “For the consumer […] the circular economy can be a confusing topic. That is why we explain it to you guided by a clear and tangible product,” the designers comment. All materials used are recycled or at least recyclable. The design limits the amount of parts and different materials. In addition, no glue is used so that all parts can be easily separated, which makes both separation and reparation easy.

The line consists of three different watches, in yellow, white and black. The casing of the watch is made with recycled plastic (ABS and PS). The material is sourced by Dutch recycling company Coolrec. This way, discarded TV casings and refrigerators get a second life as a durable product. The colours are derived from special batches of coloured plastics such as suitcases insofar possible.

The wristband, available in brown and black, is made with recycled leather from the shoe industry, which is shredded and bound with natural latex. The band is attached to the wrist without a metal clasp and no other metal parts come into contact with the skin, so the watch is safe for people with a metal allergy.

The glass is not recycled, but is recyclable. While most parts of the watch is sourced from the Netherlands, the calibre is Swiss made movement. The battery is a necessary evil, but at least the movement can run on 1 battery or 5 years.

“We want to show the world that recycled materials are not a waste of time,” the designers say. “With this watch we want to show that these materials do not need to be hidden from society but can still be used for high quality products that people want to show.”

To close the loop, Circular Clockworks offers maintenance and reparations, which you can buy using “circular coins” you earn when buying a watch. When you don’t want the watch anymore, Circular Clockworks buys it back, offering either cash or a discount on a new product. The company reuses the old parts again to make new watches.

Photos: Circular Clockworks