Cloak: mix ‘n’ match a watch with various materials

Cloak is a unisex watch designed by Mule Studio, consisting of fully interchangeable elements made from various materials, including stone, wood and metal.

Cloak is said to be the first ever watch to feature fully interchangeable materials for all its elements: the body, the bezel, the strap and the face.

The watch’s minimalistic design was created in response to “the clutter of traditional watches and smartwatches”, containing only an hour hand and showing off the materials. Most timepieces feature a glass front, but the face of the Cloak watch is completely exposed.

The body forms the base of the watch and contains a Ronda Swiss-parts quartz movement with a custom magnetic hour hand. The face turns magnetically on a low friction sapphire pivot. A metal marker shows the position of the hand relative to the bezel. Both are available in stainless steel, black PVD, or brass. Even if the watch is bumped against something or played with, the face returns to its original position so you’ll always know the time.

The face is available in various materials including natural stone, sintered metal, natural wood, and black-mirrored glass, and other materials might be available in the future. The strap, available in Italian calf leather and Milanese mesh, features quick release pins.

The interchangeable parts can be swapped in seconds (which, because the watch doesn’t have a second hand, you can’t check on your watch), without the need for tools.

The Cloak watch, which will become available in July, retails for £295. A basic pack includes 1 body, 1 strap, 1 bezel and 2 faces. Other part scan be ordered separately. On Mule’s website, you can experiment with various materials.

Photos: Mule Studio / Cloak