Combining architecture and fashion

With Resilient Skin Code, a collaboration between the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London and the Design School of Politecnico di Milano, participants explored new links between architecture and fashion design, working out wearable structures that also form a shelter.

Architecture and fashion have been drawing influence from each other in terms of form-finding processes, digital techniques, digital fabrication processes, material organisation, etc. The school studied new relationships between architecture, fashion design and resilience. The aim was to create a piece of fashion-architecture, focusing on ergonomic scale, small scale structures, such as a pavilion, sustainability and environmental issues.

The participants explored advanced computational skills and combined digital fabrication techniques with craftsmanship. All projects were realised using 3D printing, robotics and craft techniques such as folding, pleating, smocking, weaving, printing and packaging.

Resilient Skin Code took a place in Milan 7-18 October 2019, in conjunction with the Fall Milan Design Week.

Project: Pleat-A-Morphosis
Team: Mariya Anishchenko, Irina Bălan, Katherine Guimapang, Aida Issakhankyzy, Arundika Weerasek

Project: The Banned Mask HK
Team: Hyunggyu Kim, Anastasia Bushkova, Tina Kalantary, Abdullah Alsanea, Jingyi Ge

Project: Nomad Monad
Team: Natalia Romero Muñoz, Gavril Adrian Balan, Ana Carolina Jimenez Rivas, Maria Carolina Rocha Bomeny

Course Heads Programme: Ilaria Di Carlo | Anat Stern
Textile Design: Tutor Arantza Vilas
Digital Computation Tutors: Francesca Silvi | Mattia Santi
PdM Collaborators: Francesco Scullica | Gisella Veronese
Sponsors: Ideas bit Factory | Feltum | Foglizzo
Images: Resilient Skin Code