Compostable cling wrap made with food waste

Great Wrap, an Australian biomaterials company, developed a compostable bioplastic alternative to cling wrap, made from waste potatoes.

Cling wrap is a translucent plastic film, usually made of polyethylene, used often to keep food fresh. Unfortunately, the material is designed to be single-use, and it is made of fossil fuels.

Great Wrap’s alternative material is made out of potato waste, mixed with other biobased ingredients, such as used cooking oil and cassava. The material is said to be 100% home-compostable in under 180 days. The wrap has a shelf life of two years and can be heated for short periods of time in the microwave on low heat.

The rolls of wrap come in a case of recycled PET plastic.

In addition to cling wrap for in the kitchen, Great Wrap also recently launched compostable Pallet Wrap made with food waste.

Photos: Great Wrap