Container Skyscrapers Offer Innovative Housing Solutions

CRG Architects has unveiled a concept for two skyscrapers built from brightly coloured shipping containers. The idea is that the design will serve as a housing solution for slum areas of Mumbai, India.

How it works:

The idea is to pile recycled shipping containers on top of each each to achieve a high density of house within a the crowded urban area. The containers will be piled so that they overlap at the corners. The skyscrapers (400 and 200 meters respectively) can be built for one third of the construction costs for the same number of houses.

Furthermore, the containers are to be rotated so that the tower is hollow inside. This ensures that the windows of the apartments do not face into each other, but are rather oriented towards the city. Other containers within the structure are to be positioned vertically in order to accommodate vertical gardens, recreation areas, shopping and elevators. Wiring and sewerage systems can be installed within the holes of the container structure.


Each side of the tower should is intended to have a different colour, with each colour acting as a representation of the differing orientations. For example, the red containers are placed to the south, the blue to the north, the  green and yellow respectively on the east and west facades.

The design is currently purely conceptual, and was designed in response to an international competition in which the use of containers was a requirement. Nevertheless CRG Architects is in discussions with several organizations to make the design a reality!