Cool Cabs Design Acoustics

Cabs design work with felt materials to create interior design elements and objects that not only look really architectural and beautiful, but also achieve outstanding acoustic performance.

Their latest collection includes three very unique designs being Scale, Cone and Quadrum.

Designed by Vanessa Busemann and Felix Zebi, Scale is made of cut and folded felt scales that can be plugged into each other, sticking in place just via the friction on the surface of the material. This modular plug-in system can be used on walls of suspended from ceiling, with the possibility of fitting the scales together into pretty much any combination.

Cone meanwhile in a luminary design based on the properties of fiber composites. Designed by Sabrina Guschlbauer and Wiebke Keil, these three dimensional light shades are created by the heating and deformation of precise laser cut patterns. When illuminated from the inside, the shades create interesting plays of light and shadow inside a room. Each luminary is individually formed and therefore unique within the group.

Finally, Quadrum by Lenard Dittmann and Jan Philip Dubbert is an acoustic panel and sound-absorbent wall module covered with a three-dimensional surface. The panel is generated by thermally molding the felt material within a specially designed pressing tool. The square modules have a repetitive pattern that works both horizontally and vertically. By rotating the elements and using various colours, walls can be custom designed.

You can discover more about the works of CABS Design here.

Photography by Thomas Ebert.