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Crushing Materials: Hydraulic Press Chanel Goes Viral

One of the web’s latest viral sensations, the Hydraulic Press Channel was started by a Lauri Vuohensilta, a man from Finland with a hydraulic press, video camera….and a passion for pressing things.

During his rise to internet fame, some of the materials he has subjected to his hydraulic press with eye popping results include a bowling ball and pin, mobile phone, rubber duck, hockey puck, pineapple, legos, cable box and a giant jawbreaker. For extra effect, he sometimes even dips materials into liquid nitrogen for an extra added explosive effect. As part of the charm, his wife is often heard laughing in the background.

The channel was launched in October 2015 and went viral recently after appearing on the head page of Reddit. Each of the channel’s 23+ videos has an average of well over 1 million views and the site has a total of 51 milllion subscribers.

Vuohensilta was even able to prove the myth that paper can’t be folded in half more than seven times. After folding a piece of paper in half five times, he uses the press to make the creases sharper. After bending the white square a seventh time and putting it under the press, and to even his own apparen surprise, the paper shattered. This video, called ‘Can You fold paper more then 7 times with hydraulic press?‘ immediately gained traction on Reddit, garnering two million views in a day.

According to Vuohensilta, he uses the press for his job approximately 2 or three times per month. It is a 100 tonne hydraulic press. But he is dreaming bigger. With a 1,000 tonne press he claims he could press an iPhone into something 1/10th its size.

What will he press next? He’s open to suggestions so you might want to head over to the channel and give him some ideas?