The Very Delicious XOCO 3d Printer

One of the latest and most delicious innovation in3-printing comes from Michiel Cornelissen Ontwerp with their XOCO 3D printer that uses various chocolate mixtures as its ‘ink’. One of the challenges so far in 3d printing chocolate and edibles is because the size of the machine. However, this innovation is certainly compact for any shop or home kitchen.

Controlled by a mobile app, the printer is based on a polar coordinate systems and includes a rotating buildplate and pillar from which the printhead and chocolate ink pod are suspended. Nearly any design can be selected, with a number of already designed chocolate forms available for download.

The printer itself sits under a small glass dome and on a multi-colour LED ring base that guides the user through the printing process by lighting up when the machine is heated up and indicating how far along the print process is. In addition to a culinary treat, it is certainly a visual treat to watch the printing of chocolate and the designers hope this aspect will become a feature in chocolate and other confectionery shops.

This innovation also marks something of a departure of 3d printing from the technical into the realm of fun and enjoyment. As the Dutch design firm explains in a statement, “Current 3D-printers are usually technical, business-like objects, and with this project we wanted to show that also in this category it is possible to create a product which not only works great, but feels right in the food-centered environments where it is intended for.”