Design Made In Germany: Büro Achter April

This special digital ad for a Berlin Metro Station (at Friedrichstrasse) is based quite simply on a dot and a dash. It comes from Büro Achter April, an innovative design studio that experiments with interactive applications. It made its stunning debut at Transmediale, a festival of digital arts and culture in Berlin and is a great example of how digital works can enhance our built environment.

Although the installation is long since finished, the video, beautifully produced by Büro Achter April, is of course always available for view and inspiration. We encourage you to check it out here. It is simply amazing.

In speaking of their philosophy, Büro Achter April say the following: ‘We work to generate disorder. By dismantling expectations, we hope to achieve a new path, a different perspective, or an unexpected breakthrough. While we avoid taking ourselves too seriously, we can also be uncompromising when it comes to realizing concepts.’

They continue that their aim is to generate content, not just cool looking pixels. Creating content and bringing meaning into our built environment are their overall design objectives and they believe space, interactive media and film can all produce a common goal in this, whether commercial or artistic.

The credits are as follows: Performer: Bora T.
Concept / Idea; Büro Achter April
Director: Moritz Reichartz
Artdirection: Michael Fragstein
DoP: Julia Schlingmann
Lighting technician: Anna Göhrig, Benjamin Wieg
Stylist: Ulé Barcelos
Editor / Animation / Compositing: Moritz Reichartz
Sounddesign: Marc Fragstein
Producer: Turan Tehran
Kindly supported by WALL AG