Design your own printed carpet with Skonne

The company Skonne, founded in 2017, allows you to create a carpet that meets your taste exactly. Customisable both in shape, colour and pattern, with an app you can create a one of a kind pattern, which is the printed in full colour onto a tufted, polyamide carpet.

On the website, you can use the Carpet Creator app to design a carpet you like. Choosing from 3 pattern designs, the app allows you to move across the design with the shape of the carpet you want, and even zoom in to create your own carpet. This gives you a lot of options, as the patterns are 95×76 m, and each is available in various colours.

The ‘cut out’ pattern, with dimensions between 150×150 cm and 400×800 cm, is sent to the manufacturer where it is printed on white, tufted polyamide. The technology used has important sustainability advantages over spot colour printing, in which each colour has to be premixed; it creates less dye waste, fewer cleaning cycles and less energy consumption.

During the printing process, the colours are absorbed deeply into the fibres. After this, the carpet receives a backing. The edges of the carpet can be finished in two different ways. An overlocking finish creates a yarn stitched finishing, while a blind hem serge finish is a finish with a thin textile strap. The colour of the finishing will be chosen by Skonne, making sure that the colour of the finishing is adjusted to the colours of your carpet.

Photos: Skonne