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Driven: Chainless bicycle has the “world’s most efficient” drivetrain

In collaboration with the University of Colorado, the Danish company CeramicSpeed developed Driven, a bicycle with a carbon-fibre drive shaft that is said to be the world’s most effect drivetrain, eliminating the need for derailleurs and a chain.

According to CeramicSpeed, Driven creates 49 per cent less friction compared to marketed leading chain and derailleur drivetrain. A traditional chain and derailleur drivetrain have eight points of sliding friction where the chain bends back and forth, 2 pulley wheels and the frictional effects of cross chaining. The new concept eliminates all eight points of sliding friction.

The bicycle uses 21 ceramic bearing rolling elements in a pinion style drive shaft system. Thanks to their low rolling friction and longevity, the bearings transfer torque from the front ring through the carbon-fibre drive shaft, and then onto the 13-speed rear cog. Thanks to this system, the multi-speed drivetrain is 99 per cent efficient.

The Driven concept was chosen as one of the winners of the Eurobike Award 2018.

Photos: CeramicSpeed