Dutch Design Week: Some tips for material highlights Part 2

The Dutch Design Week is coming up (21-29 October 2017), so here is part 2 of material highlights you don’t want to miss! For part 1, click here

Matter Revealed
In Broeinest, you can enjoy an exhibition of brands such as Baars & Bloemhoff, Forbo, Interface, and Barrisol. Materia’s “The Art of Acoustic” exhibition will not be present that week.

The brand Zooi creates circular furniture and home decoration made from reclaimed wood and steel waste, amongst other things.

The New Normal
The company ECO-oh believes that recycling of household plastics into valuable materials is the future. In the exhibition, they show 100 per cent recyclable products, created by various designers.

Time Included Cloth
A lot of textile is produced in high quantities but with low quality. The exhibition by Conform Cox, the design studio of Cox Janssens, shows fabrics that changes colour through normal use.

The future is local
Designer Bas Froon designed a micromoulding machine, which makes it possible to locally change the qualities of a material, from velvety soft to lightweight plastic. Using biocomposites, he shows how to make a soft and tailor-made baby carrier.

Master of Materials
In this award, six furniture making students of the HMC college are challenged to present innovative pieces of furniture, with a focus on materials and craftsmanship. The award is organised along with material supplier Baars & Bloemhoff.

Mastering the material
In this exhibition, students and alumni of Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle experiment with the (un)predictable behaviour of materials, such as porcelain, foam, glass, soil, rope, and even the immateriality of air and sound.

New Material Award
While this award is not handed out this year, as it is a biannual award (for last year’s winner, click here), former nominees will present their strategies, partnerships and business cases, as well as the next development stage of their concepts and materials.

Photos: DDW