This edible packaging material is based on seaweed

Ever been so hungry that you could hardly wait until the packaging was removed from your food? Evoware, an Indonesian company, presents edible packaging made from seaweed that adds some fibre to your diet!

It’s no secret that our oceans are more and more polluted with (micro) plastics, which are eaten by fish and, in turn, by us. A major polluter is single use plastic, mostly in the form of packaging material.

According to Evoware, Indonesia is the world’s second biggest plastic waste contributor to the ocean, while a large volume of seaweed produced by farmers goes to waste.

The seaweed-based packaging they developed can be eaten along with the product. It is flavourless and odourless, but does contain a lot of fibre, vitamins and minerals, and it is halal certified. If you do not want to eat it, the material dissolves in warm water and it is completely biodegradable, working as a natural fertiliser for plants.

The material has a shelf life of 2 years, without adding preservatives. It can even be printed, coloured, or branded, and it is printable and heat sealable. The packaging is suitable for small-format sachets and wraps, such as instant noodle seasoning, cereal, single serving coffee powder, burger wraps, etcetera, but also non-food products such as soap.

Evoware’s material recently won the Circular Design Challenge, part of New Plastics Economy Innovation Prize (for the winners of the other part, the Circular Materials Challenge, click here). For another seaweed-based packaging, click here.

Photos: Evoware