An electric motorcycle made of curved wood

French start-up Newron designed an electric motorcycle with a mostly wood, curved bodywork.

The main bodywork of the motorcycle consists of curved wooden panels. The middle of the motorcycle is open, showing a large cylindrical pack that steeps towards the handlebars of the bike.

“The thrill of being ‘one’ with your bike as an incarnation of you and to fill the world as you never felt it in total silence,” Newron states on its website. “Having customized aspects of it, esthetics and behaviour. A timeless and delicate peace [sic] of art tailormade at our ‘atelier de confection’.”

Newron has successfully built their second prototype and is en route “a customizable, exclusive, high-end motorcycle for the true connoisseurs who are seeking for a new experience and assets.”

Partnering with Dassault Systems and Avans in France, the start-up plans to build 12 of the wooden motorcycles in 2020.

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Photos: Newron