Enjoy your coffee from a cup made from coffee husks!

Did you know that coffee production annually produces over a billon tonnes of waste in organic material? And we’re not even talking about coffee grounds! The husks that protect the beans you know and love did not have an economically viable and sustainable goal, until now. Company Huskee introduces the HuskeeCup, made from the husks of coffee beans!

Coffee beans are actually the seed of a fruit, and are protected by a husk. At the end of the harvest, coffee farmers are left with tonnes of this husk material. It has been used as fertiliser supplement or a source for carbonised fuel.

Huskee now uses the waste material to make coffee cups. They currently source the husks from coffee farms in Yunnan (on the border of China and Myanmar). The cups are made using biobased resin containing no hazardous chemicals. The resulting material, containing up to 80 per cent husks, is chip- and crack-resistant, reusable, and recyclable.

The cups are currently available in 3 sizes (180, 240, and 360 ml (6, 8, and 12 oz.)). There is also a universal saucer and a lid available, to turn each cup into a travel mug. The cups are engineered to keep your coffee hotter for longer, with superior thermal retention to ceramic cups. The material has no influence on the taste of the beverage and is dishwasher and microwave friendly.

You can preorder the cups here.

Photos: Huskee