Evergreen Platters

Since antiquity, nature has inspired motifs as a central stylistic device in designed items of value, from tablewares to vases, tiles buildings. This latest project from one of our favourite designers, Meike Harde, is similarly inspired by floral motifs. But rather than abstractions, she works with real flower parts embedded into glassware.

An ensemble of blossoms and foliage becomes decoration in these ‘Evergreen Patterns’ by embedding them into platter itself. By referencing traditional table floral arrangements and ornamentation, these glass platters blend into the canvas of a laid table. Through the individual choice of flowers, the basic commodity – in this case the tableware- becomes unique.

To make these platters, the embedded blossoms were pressed after their collection. Inside the glass, they create a vibrant, three-dimensional effect.

You can discover more about the creative material explorations of Meike Harde here. And if you are inspired by ‘floral’ materials, check out some of the materials in our collection such Rosae, a wallpaper made of rose petal!