Fiber Pattern Lamps at Dutch Design Week

Starting today, the Fiber Pattern Lamp series by Atelier Robotiq will be on show at Dutch Design Week, taking place October 17-25, 2015 in Eindhoven. Designed with the aid of a mathematical model and a robot, these lightweight lamps have a distinctive, UFO-like open fiber structure that creates intriguing light and shadow effects.

The fibers of the Fiber Pattern Lamps create geometrical patterns, which are mathematically defined using in-house developed software and executed with the accuracy of a robot. The lamp’s form is created by repetition of the single fiber path around the product. For the same shape different fiber paths and patterns can be designed, resulting in different lamp designs. Even more lamp designs can be made by combining two or more patterns into one design creating a multiple pattern lamp.

The Fiber Pattern Lamp Series was largely influenced by material developments within the aerospace industry, where lightness is an absolutely essential material property. The aersospace industry’s quest for ultra light weight material has lead to the development of carbon fiber composites, which in addition to being lightweight, are also extremely strong and can be accurately positioned by robots.

As a studio, Rotterdam-based Atelier Robotiq has an engineering-oriented culture, making use of robots, 3D printers and laser cutters in combination with more traditional arts and craftsmanship. They also spend considerable amounts of their time behind the workbench, welding frames, preparing molds or soldering electronics. Unlike many design studios, they make all of their products themselves and strive every week to learn to use a new material of production process.

Atelier Robotiq’s Fiber Pattern Lamps are currently being exhibited at Dutch design Week, which starts to day in Eindhoven. (Oct 17-25, 2015). The largest design even in Northern Europe, DDW is featuring more than 2400 designers this year so in addition to these fascinating lamps, there is plenty to see!