First on-site 3D printed house made of concrete erected in Russia

3D printing is the future, as it creates the possibility to design objects individually, yet save on building materials, which is also a plus for the environment. In architecture, 3D printing hasn’t gone unnoticed either. Several cabins and houses have been made using 3D printing, whether they are made of plastic or salt. A company called Apis Cor now says to have made the first on site 3D printed house, which was printed within 24 hours.

The house could be printed on sight thanks a mobile construction 3D printer and an automatic mix and supply unit. The printer’s design is reminiscent of a tower crane, allowing it to construct the house both inside and out automatically. Other than other portable construction 3D printers, it does not move along a rail, nor does it need to stand perfectly levelled. Thanks to its design, it can print buildings up to 3 storeys.

The printer is small, easily transportable and doesn’t require long preparation before the commencement of the construction. The printing process itself was automated as much as possible.

The house, which is 38 square metres (409 square feet) and made of concrete, is single storey with a rather unusual design, to show the flexibility of the building process, but the technique allows for any shape. The building was printed as a whole, rather than assembled from re-printed panels. The printer can only print the self-supporting walls of the house, no roofs, floors or windows.

The 3D printed house was erected at the coldest time of year. The concrete mixture used can only be used in temperatures above 5 degrees Celsius (41 degrees Fahrenheit). As it was colder than that when the house was printed, a tent was put up that provided the required temperature. The company says that when new materials such as geopolymers are used, you can print a house at any time of the year.

The costs to print the house were a total of 10,134 dollars, or 275 dollar per square metre. According to the company, by using a 3D printer to make the house, it allows to save up to 70% on erecting building boxes, compared to traditional techniques.

The house was printed on Apis Cor’s territory in the town Stupino, about 100 kilometers from Moscow (RU).

Photos: Apis Cor