Flexible textiles made from surplus bricks

Copenhagen-based Natural Material Studio worked together with Polish designer Zuzanna Skurka to create soft bio textiles made from surplus bricks.

The bricks used in the project were highly porous stones that were classified as waste after demolition projects. To make the textile, the bricks were crushed and bonded together with Procel, a home-compostable, protein-based bioplastic of natural softener and pigments developed by Natural Material Studio. The bricks give the material its strength, colour and texture. The unique swirly patterns were created in the fluid casting process.

The textile is displayed from 17 to 23 April 2023 at the Alcova exhibition at Milan Design Week. The exhibition takes place this year at a former slaughterhouse in Porta Vittoria. The textiles hang from metal bars where meat once hung.

Photos: Natural Material Studio