Folded Weld Stool by Joris de Groot

The intriguing form of the Weld Stool by Joris de Groot was inspired by de Groot’s research on the folding technique Charles Eames applied to his Plywood experiment in 1946. This way of designing provides strength, detail in technique and an easy manufacturing process. The material used for the stools is mainly composed from recycled PE.

To create the Weld Stool, de Groot collaborated with Lever Kunststoftechniek and Hubbers BV.: an industrial plastic mounting company and a company specialized in the production of custom fit interiors respectively. Within this collaboration, the welding technique and plastic material of Lever Kunststoftechniek is used. The sophisticated custom fit of the wood and the various cutouts of the pattern pieces are executed by Hubbers BV.

Joris de Groot is a designer who explores the tension between craftsmanship and industry in his work. Interested in collaborating within the industry, de Groot creates his own workplace within factory grounds. Once familiar with the process of the existing techniques, de Groot experiments with available machinery and materials in order to find innovative new uses.