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Furniture made with 2mm thick aluminium sheets

Designer Tim Teven used deformation techniques to turn sheets of aluminium of 2mm thick to create a bench and a stool.

The project started with a study into metal and its plasticity, in this case by deforming an aluminium sheet into multiple patterns. The sheets of only 2m thick were deformed using self-made tools and moulds in combination with a lot of pressure. The aim was to find visually attractive patterns that, at the same time, make the sheets very strong.

The pieces are made by folding the pressed sheets into shapes that follow the pattern, resulting in lightweight yet strong furniture.

Teven’s Pressure project, as well as his Recycled Reject project, which turns unrecyclable paper into building blocks and furniture (read more about it here), will be on display during MaterialDistrict Rotterdam, 12-14 March in Rotterdam Ahoy (NL). Get your free ticket here.

Photos: Tim Teven