Green shade cloth

Spanish landscaping company Singular Green developed a green shade cloth system, which allows for the installation of vegetated awnings or tensile structures covered in vegetation for urban landscaping.

Plants and trees in cities provide much needed cooling in increasingly hot cities, but not all streets are suitable for adding greenery. Green Shades, as the shade cloth is called, provides a solution for spaces like that.

The shades are available anchored to facades and with supports. The sails with the chosen design, with their necessary anchors and supports, are prepared by laying down a specific, hydroponic geotextile substrate, called LeafSkin. A seed mixture is added to the geotextile, which is watered by an irrigation system. After four months, the shade is completely covered with vegetation.

In addition to providing shade, the composition and selected plant species are optimized for the absorption of NOX and CO2, contributing to the improvement of air quality in cities.

Photos: Singular Green