Hand-tufted carpets made with leftover carpet capacity

Studio Mieke Lucia, founded by Mieke van den Hout, worked with leftover carpet capacity from big orders placed at Tarkett.

Aiming to bring more textiles in our interiors, the project Textile – Tactility: Textility consists of colourful and bold designed wall carpets. Van den Hout worked with leftover capacity from big carpet orders. Using this semi-manufactured products as canvas, each carpet was hand-tufted. Van den Hout experimented with the tufting technique to create a new form language.

The designer combines craftsmanship and industrial technology in her studio. In collaboration with designer Noortje de Brouwer she founded Growing Textiles, which creates acoustic wall panels made with B-grade wool, which is unsuitable for the textile industry, but still has great acoustic properties. You can find these panels in our collection here.

Photos via Dutch Design Week