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Hempcrete building blocks interlock like Legos

Canada-based company Just BioFiber offers building blocks made of hempcrete that interlock when stacked, like Lego bricks.

Hempcrete is a concrete-like material made of the wooden core of industrial grade hemp (hurd or shiv), lime and sand. It has good moisture regulator and has good insulating properties.

While hempcrete isn’t a new invention, Just BioFiber creates conveniently stackable blocks out of the material. The blocks have an internal structural frame made of a composite material that is ‘anything but plastic’, though isn’t specified further. The blocks are approximately 541 x 270 x 203 mm (21 x 10 x 8 inch) and weighs 13.6 or 14.7 kg (30 or 32.5 lbs), depending on if the blocks are residential or commercial.

Photos: Just BioFiber