Herringbones by Raw Edges

Coming from London design studio Raw Edges, Herringbones is an unusually eye-catching exploration of wood and coloured dye.

The studio, which is led by designers Shay Alkalay and Yael Mer, created the Herringbone collection by submerging planks of untreated jelutong and pine into vats of coloured dye at a 45-degree angle (guided by the sloped side of the contained), then flipping the plank before continuing on with a different colour in order to create a distinctive, alternating herringbone pattern.

After hanging to dry, the planks can be assembled into a variety of different shapes to create tables, chairs, and benches, all of which invoke textures and patterns more commonly seen in the world of weaving and textiles. Up close however, the distinct grains and textures of the wood remain visible, creating a unique symbiosis between natural materials and the man-made.

Over the past years, Raw Edges has worked on a number of projects experimenting with dyeing natural material. A particular example includes a dye-soaked wooden floor at the Chatsworth House sculpture gallery.