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Innovative Eyewear from Crafting Plastics brings bioplastics to the forefront

Crafting Plastics are bioplastics to the forefront of our daily lives with their eyewear prototypes made of 100% renewable resources.

The sustainability of materials is a critical topic in all industries these days from building to fashion. Taking a lead in the fashion industry, Crafting Plastics experiment with a basic craft approach in combination with high-tech machinery.

Their latest eyewear prototypes received acclaim at Milan Fashion Week 2016 as well as most recently at Berlin State of Design.

According to the founders of Crafting Plastics, ‘Our pursuit is to be in full control of the lifespan of the product, from its origin – in the form of unrefined material – through the final product (or its usage) until its inevitable decay.’

You can explore more about Crafting Plastics and their innovative material approach here.