Inside & Outside materials at R+T Asia

In architecture, often the most intriguing challenge is to design a building’s skin. There are structural and climate issues to deal with, as well as privacy concerns and, of course, aesthetics.

This means that the building’s skin is also usually the most interesting to design. The R+T Asia show, held in Shanghai this spring, focuses exclusively on improving building with innovations suited to use in façades.

Materia will be exhibiting at R+T Asia 2014. To complement the show, the theme for this year’s exhibition is ‘Inside-Outside’. Materia’s exhibition at the event, which is geared to the Asian market, is arranged around this theme. The independent exhibition will include the best materials for designing a balanced environment in and around the building.

At the Materia exhibition, materials will be on display that help a building’s skin perform. These include the most efficient and the strongest materials for insulation, warmth accumulation, ventilation and climate control. The materials on show range from high-tech and see-through materials with special qualities to clear materials for effective signing, and luxurious fabrics.

The show, which features solutions for designers working on building skins, has been put together to inform and inspire architects. Materia’s experts will also be present to speak with visitors about each of the materials on display.

R+T Asia is a three-day business-to-business international trade show for roller shutters, doors/gates and sun protection systems. R+T Asia 2014 will be held from March 25th to 27th 2014 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre in Shanghai, China.


More information on R+T Asia 2014 is here and you can register to visit here.

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