Kaarsrecht by Pascal Smelik

Dutch graduate designer Pascal Smelik has made an aluminium table cast from hot wax poured into cold water. Smelik squirts hot candle wax into water using a large syringe, then drains the water and fills it with gypsum. He then puts the mould into an oven to remove the wax before casting the aluminium.

The name “Kaarsrecht” is the Dutch term for “as straight as a line”. Kaarsrecht would directly translate into candle- straight. The inspiration for his product was the idea that every product has a unique shape. He made a big injection needle which he could fill up to 2 liters of hot candle wax. When he would spray this candle wax in a bath of cold water, the wax hardens out and gets bizarre shapes. He can actually draw in a bath filled with cold water. The first liquid hot candle wax that comes in contact with the cold water becomes solid and wants to float, so bizarre shapes grow out of the bucket to the water surface.

He already drew a crutch this way. But more interior products are possible. After he had drawn the crutch, he let the water out of the bath and filled it up with a gypsum mixture. Then the whole mould goes into an oven, to stoke out the wax. After this he fills up the mould with liquid aluminium, when it hardens out he breaks open the mould and a product is born

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