Kinetic Green Canvas: Pixelated plant art on the façade

We can both use art and plants to cheer up the neighbourhood, so why not combine the best of both worlds? Built by Associative Data (BAD) has collaborated with Green Studios to create Kinetic Green Canvas, a prototype green art installation for building façades.

Making cities green has many health benefits. Plants clean the air by filtering out particulates and other kinds of pollution. In addition, plants just make people happy.

Kinetic Green Canvas consists of individual modules, which have a steel framework in the shape of a cube. Back panels cover the framework. On these panels, two L-shaped jabs are fastened, as well as a secondary structure. This all is covered by waterproof board and equipped with an irrigation pipe. Finally, on four sides, outside of the cube is covered with a hydroponic skin, designed by Green Studios, on which plants in various colours green grows. The skin allows the plants to grow and thrive without the need of soil.

On the inside of the cube, a motor and water pipe attachment that circulates water throughout is fastened. The motor makes sure that the cube can rotate, while the pipe provides the water necessary to keep the plants alive. Hydroponic plants in varying shades are grown on each face, and when put together, modules can create changeable “pixel” art.

The canvas can be as be as big or small as you want, depending on the size of the façade. The bigger the canvas, the more detailed the art. The plants show a pixelated version of the photo that is uploaded, as you can see in the video below. Because the modules are hooked up to a computer, the image can change as often as you like.

Photos: BAD (via Archdaily)