Kristi Kuusk: smart textiles in self-care clothing

More and more things become ‘smart’: phones, homes, and now clothes! Designer Kristi Kuusk is researching the future of textiles and looks for new ways for textiles and fashion to be more sustainable through the implementation of technology. Several of her designs will be on display at Material Xperience (click here for your free entry ticket)!

Vibe-ing is a self-care tool in the form of a garment, which invites the body to feel, move, and heal through vibration therapy. The merino wool garment contains knitted pockets, embedded with electronic circuit boards that enable the garment to sense touch and vibrate specific pressure points on the body.

By integrating vibration actuators in textile pockets, the design enabled programming the exact areas and the way of stimulation on the body depending on the specific person’s need for rehabilitation and healing.

(Project realised by: Eunjeong Jeon, Kristi Kuusk, Martijn ten Bhömer (TU/e), Jesse Asjes (TextielMuseum TextielLab Tilburg) and Metatronics.)

Tender is a garment that exhibits a structural knitted textile that incorporates programmable microchips in each pocket integrated into the material. It can be programmed to react on different inputs, perform a range of actions and give desirable output. Touch sensitive garment is one of many possible applications of the developed textile.

Tender is a garment that reacts to stroking. It lights up separate pockets on the body according to how they have been in contact with the skin. By stroking the garment it is possible to ‘move’ the lighted part of the wearable.

(Project realised by: Kristi Kuusk, Martijn ten Bhömer, Paula Kassenaar (TU/e), TextielMuseum TextielLab Tilburg and Metatronics.)

Material Xperience
For more designs by Kuusk, visit her website here, or visit Material Xperience (13-15 March 2018, Rotterdam Ahoy, the Netherlands)!

Photos: Hanneke Wetzer & Bas Berends (Studio HUID & HAAR)