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Laokoon Textile Art

Laokoon textile art material is an award-winning, 3-dimensional surface. It is described as weightless but strong, light-reactive, flexible, user-friendly, in perpetual motion and demanding to be touched.

Laokoon is handmade by a Hungarian manufacturer specialising in woven materials made of weft bands that can slide over one another, allowing for a material metamorphosis. Catering to the specific needs of a project and its creators, Laokoon can be made of cork, plastic, tiny or larger lamella. It can act as a suspended ceiling, or used as a corner/wall feature, shading system, screen or even as a fashion accessory.

Says Laokoon founder Zsuzsanna Szentirmai-Joly of this material invention:

“My dream has always been that Laokoon becomes a dialogue of design. It is all about interaction: vision vs. material, action vs. reaction. I approach design with the intention to trigger visual pleasure on micro and macro levels. I want to display a delicate and precise design for those who are looking at Laokoon from a close distance, and I want to dazzle those who are standing further away.”

Laokoon as a concept is an open platform that introduces the textile and the designer so that they can create together. The composition of Laokoon begins with the crafting of the textile but its final form is determined by the material’s character and the beholders visualisation.

More information and details for Laokoon can be found here.