Lectures about Healthy Materials at ARCHITECT@WORK Amsterdam

On Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 September 2023, ARCHITECT@WORK will take place at Taets on the Hembrugterrein in Zaanstad. It will be the first edition of the event in the Amsterdam metropolitan region. Around the theme ‘Healthy Materials’, Architectenweb is organising a varied lecture programme with speakers including Maike van Stiphout (DS), Oana Bogdan (&bogdan), Nina Aalbers (ArchitectuurMaken) and Aleksander Kongshaug (GXN).

It’s going step by step… but we are unmistakably moving towards construction that will eventually emit almost no CO2 and no longer comes at the expense of nature but instead helps it move forward. We are moving towards a construction that is circular, bio-based, nature-inclusive and energy-positive.

In all these areas, architects are taking steps. In her lecture at ARCHITECT@WORK, architect Nina Aalbers of ArchitectuurMaken explains how they are making their projects increasingly circular, bio-based, nature-inclusive and energy-positive. In his lecture, architect Joost Roefs of De Twee Snoeken shares his experiences with hempcrete. Architect Aleksander Kongshaug of GXN will take you through what the near future may hold, while architect Christian Veddeler of the Dutch branch of 3XN will illustrate this story with some of the firm’s current projects.

When it comes to nature-inclusive design, landscape architect Maike van Stiphout of DS landscape architects has a long track record. In the development of the Hembrug site – where this edition of ARCHITECT@WORK takes place – BURA urbanism strives for such a nature-inclusive living and working environment. In his lecture, urban planner Marco Broekman of BURA urbanism will discuss the plans for the area, how its character can be preserved and enhanced, and how the wooded nature will be preserved. On top of all that, architect Oana Bogdan of &bogdan (formerly Bogdan & Van Broeck) also focuses on social sustainability.

Healthy Heroes
The buildings of the future are sustainable and healthy. But what is a healthy building? And which materials have the right properties to contribute to healthy buildings and a healthy planet? With the materials exhibition “Healthy Heroes” during ARCHITECT@WORK in Amsterdam, MaterialDistrict answers some of these questions.

Conventional construction methods often only pay attention to economic efficiency when choosing materials, and the consequences for a healthy indoor and outdoor climate take second place. Fortunately, more and more attention is being paid to sustainable and healthy construction, and more and more (interior) architects are discovering the advantages of building with (unconventional) materials that have a positive effect on energy, circularity and health.

Register for free to visit the lectures and materials exhibition here.

Photos: A@W