Lightweight Wonders & 3d Printing Competition Announcement

This autumn, Materia is presenting ‘Lightweight Wonders,’ a new materials exhibition that will debut at leading trade fairs across Europe, beginning with EuroMold 2014 (25.11. – 28.11.2014). Alongside this exhibition at Euromould 2014, the brand Purmundus in partnership with DEMAT GmbH will be hosting an open 3d printing competition called ‘Print up Your Life – How does 3d printing change our world?‘ A facade made of film? A bicycle of ‘knitted’ fibres? A chair with a 3D printed bone structure? These two feature events offer the the opportunity to explore the latest innovations in the dynamic fields of lightweight materials design and 3d printing.

Why lightweight?
Materia’s Lightweight Wonders exhibition was created in response to a growing interest in and demand for lightweight materials in construction, architecture and interior design as well as in the yachting, automotive and transport industries. Growing demands for energy and raw resources are encouraging us to become increasingly efficient with materials. Like organisms in nature that perpetually evolve towards achieving maximum effect with minimum means, sectors of industry are constantly evolving in order to minimise their transport, fuel and energy costs. Most innovation in this respect currently takes place in transport industries such as the aerospace, automotive and marine industries, as well as in public transport and the transport of goods. But innovation occurs not only where scarce fuel needs to be saved. The call for achieving more with less through the use of strong and lightweight materials is also taking place in the (interior) construction industry in order to save costs and manpower for example, as well as in the sporting industry where there is a demand for materials that improve athletic performance.

Lightweight Wonders: An Exhibition with material samples
In this exhibition, visitors can interactively become acquainted with lightweight materials, their operation and effects. From glass foam to 3D printed columns, from the development of new fibres to inflatable textiles, from ingenious cell structures to ultra thin laminates and many more inspiring applications, the visitor is challenged to interact with each material by lifting it, touching it and testing its strength.

The 3d Printing Challenge
Particularly topical within the field of lightweight innovation is the expanding role 3d printing is playing in our every day lives. Alongside the Lightweight Wonders exhibition at Euromold 2014, Purmundus and DEMAT GmbH will be hosting their annual 3d printing competition with this year’s theme being ‘How does 3d printing change our world?’

This competition is inviting designers, graphic designers, architects, mathematicians, engineers and programmers to make new approaches to product design solutions. Where does 3dprinting impact everyday life most profoundly? In which products does its use offer the most value? The international jury will honour the best entry in accordance with the competition theme in each of the following categories: best innovative concept and best market-ready product.

The finalists will be presented at the EuroMold 2014 (25.11. – 28.11.2014) and awarded at a festive celebration. Further information as well as the call for entries is available here.

Updates on the Lightweight Wonders exhibition and 3d Printing Challenge will be posted regularly on our website and we invite you to come and explore the latest in the world of lightweight materials and 3d printing firsthand.