Line-x: an indestructible coating for all occasions

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the things you drop – your phone, a coffee cup, your grandmother’s antique vase – never break again? It could be possible if you coat your things with the spray from Line-x. This is a durable spray developed to protect vehicles against the toughest conditions, both the exterior and the interior. Additionally, it is used on the walls of the Pentagon to protect against explosions. There are different kinds of coating sprays for different purposes.

The coating for vehicles protects against rust, chemicals and in the premium option offers even UV resistance. It absorbs impact and dampens sound.

In bomb blasts, fragmentation is the number one killer, and by coating a wall with the spray, this is prevented from happening because the coating contains the fragments. Moreover, a wall coated in the spray should be able to withstand a blast twenty times stronger than an ordinary wall.

Line-x, consisting of pure polyurea, is free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which makes is safe for the environment. It is also non-toxic and available in all possible colours. The coating process for a vehicle takes about two hours, and the spray has a 24-hour cure time.

The coating is not only used for protection, but also for fun, as the videos demonstrate. Everyday objects, including plastic cups and a watermelon are covered in the spray to demonstrate its effectiveness, and all survive without a scratch.

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