Liquid Glacial

The texture and movement of melting ice are seductively frozen in a transparent acrylic in Zaha Hadid’s latest ‘Liquid Glacial’ Series. The series includes several stools as well as a large bowl. Glacial patterns were milled into the surface of both clear as well-as blue coloured transparent acrylic and then hand polished to finish, all the while remaining functional and meeting ergonomic standards.

The resulting patterns embed surface complexity and the refract of light in a powerful way that mimics the movement and dapplied light created by glacial ice. “The Liquid Glacial series has pushed the boundaries of materiality and innovation; part of the process of our ongoing design investigation,” said Hadid.

This series is an extension to her 2012 Liquid Glacial Series with these works being on show at the David Gill Gallery in London from June 10 until July 4, 2015.