Living Plates: silicone dining plates that move when you eat

Whether your plates are made of ceramic, wood, plastic, or another material, they are most likely made of a rigid material. They can have a nice colour, or funny shape or print, but most plates are designed to hold your food and nothing more. Designer Lina Saleh decided to try to extend the gastronomical experience of taste by creating plates that interact with food. The Living Plates are set of dining plate ware made of silicone, which come to life when touched.

The jelly like plates gently move when the user eats off them, or simply when wind brushes past them. They sink, oscillate, ripple and bounce, tying the plates to different flavours. The aim of the Living Plates is to change our perception of plate ware, by turning the dinner into a responsive ‘conversation’ between diner and food.

Shape and wall thickness are the two factors that influence the movement of the plates. Each plate or bowl is cast into a food safe 40 shore silicone.

Saleh started the project as a material exploration of silicone, looking to create a “breathing” plate that would incorporate a sinking motion.

The current plate collection was made in collaboration with a professional chef, whose input helped extend the range of motions. The silicone plates are supported by ceramic counterparts to hold them in place and allow the material to express its movement in a curated matter.

Photos & GIFs: Lina Saleh