Long-lasting illumination coating

Radiant paints for roads, pathways and industrial applications are receiving a significant performance upgrade. Dutch paint manufacturer Anker Stuy Verven (ASV) is releasing a range of glow-in-the-dark or luminescent paints that are branded as ‘Seramic’. The systems are weatherproof and chemically resistant and, moreover, show a significant glow-in-the-dark performance of up to several hours depending on the applied matrix and conditions.

The coating makes use of a modified luminescent pigment that’s harvested in-house and which is combined with a high-tech matrix for optimal performance, both optically and physically. During the day time, or under artificial light, the coating absorbs energy which it releases in dark (or darker) conditions. The system is very efficient in penetrating smoky conditions, which could be a life-saver during fires and similar emergencies.

Currently, phosphorescence drops from 100% to about 30% during a night’s use. ASV is close to releasing an improved paint with a usable phosphorescent timespan of eight to twelve hours, significantly increasing illumination.

Current developments at ASV include paints that change colour as a function of temperature as well as coatings with photovoltaic characteristics (paintable solar cells). New and further high-tech applications will be started in due course, including a paint that changes colour in freezing conditions, and a paintable chemical coating including photovoltaic cells.

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