Marbellous Wood

Pernille Snedker Hansen experiments with a traditional craft of marbling to give wood a uniquely ‘marbellous’ pattern. From Denmark, she combined the traditions of marbling from the bookbinding profession with the materiality of traditional Scandinavian pinewood flooring.

Inspired by growth rings and patterns in natural work, she works drop by drop, dripping colour onto a shallow water surface. The resulting patterns are partly calculated, but also occur by chance. She then picks up the pattern with wooden planks (or paper in some of her other experiments), intensifying the pattern of the material itself.

These Marbellous Wood planks are made one by one, and thus each floor board has an entirely unique pattern of coloured stripes. In Pernille Snedker Hansen’s own words: ’ As the eye moves across the floor and further into the horizon, the details blur, which leads to a calmer and more natural, monochrome surface.’

More about Pernille Snedker Hansen and the Snedker Studio can be found here.