Materia at Ligna 2013

Materia will be showcasing Bio-based materials at German show Ligna next month. The exhibition is full of important materials innovations for building industry.

At Ligna 2013, Materia will showcase the bio-based materials that have been developed to match the demand of the design and construction industries. Innovative and bio-based materials are an increasingly significant trend. From flooring to packaging, from building construction to luxury goods, these materials are becoming more and more important.

We are all aware of the efforts we have to make for a more sustainable environment. “Closing the circle” is one of the most important when it comes to material use. Recycling techniques are becoming better known and more frequently used. Concepts such as ‘Cradle to Cradle’ and the ‘Circular Economy’ are becoming more common. Nature itself is a giant recycling machine and we can learn a great deal by looking at how nature deals with energy, food, waste, water management and so on.

The term Bio-based is used to mean a material that has living organisms as its source. These organisms can be plant or animal, so a very wide range of possible materials are available. Examples are plants and their extracts, from bamboo and cotton to cork in various configurations. Materials based on animal derivatives, from spider silk to snail excrement, are gaining in popularity too. A newer addition is industry ‘waste’. These include leftovers from the food processing industry, such as potato shavings, as well as recycled products from fashion, such as cut-up old jeans.

The best known and most widely used example of a bio-based material is wood. Its countless types and variations, handling and production make wood a fantastically versatile and uniquely inspiring material. We will show wood from waste, translucent and transparent woods, and derivative materials from this natural product. We will also be adding a touch of wood-based luxury to our exhibition.

The Materia exhibition at Ligna 2013 shows not only the well-known materials but also some exciting, inspirational ideas. These include wooden floors made of old wine barrels, leather from fish, insulation made from mushrooms, construction paneling from agricultural waste and textiles made from milk. In short, our exhibition will showcase the new, the innovative, and the unexpected. Our materials are sure to engage and inspire the visitor, and a visit will demonstrate why this fascinating group of materials is so important to the building and design industries.

The Materia exhibition will be held at Ligna 2013. This important German trade show will take place between May 6th and 10th 2013 in Hannover. We look forward to meeting you in Germany next month!