Material Needed!

Material Needed!

Our network helps to create a better and more beautiful built and designed environment. But we are also striving to improve the sustainability of this built world. That’s why we’re taking the lead in looking for a new material with a very important function. Our samples are mounted on display panels which need to be strong and lightweight. We think that these panels should show our commitment to a better environment, and that’s why we’re looking for a sustainable backing material for our panels (400x400mm) that’s white and/or transparent.

What does this mean? If you’ve visited the Materia Inspiration Centre ( or one of our shows, you’ll have seen the materials displayed on unobtrusive plastic panels. We are looking for a similar product. It should be able to withstand weight, torsion and warp and it needs be white or transparent to fit with Materia’s clean style. The panels are the backbone of our collection and they will travel across the world, wherever we have exhibitions. The material can be anything, from a bio-plastic or composite to a wood derivative. But it must be sustainably produced. Materia takes the future of our environment very seriously, and we are proud to contribute in any meaningful way possible.

Are you an innovative producer of such a material? Please let us know. You can send tips to Tanya Docheva at here at Materia. We’ll let everyone know the best one online!