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The Smart Environment: Material Xperience 2014

What does the future of the built environment look like? Materia has taken a look ahead at the materials that will be helping to shape the world in the coming years. We are proudly presenting a selection of these material innovations at Material Xperience 2014.

The designed and built world is complex and is getting more connected by the day. Designers are fully aware of this. But there are many challenges ahead and we need clever people with clever solutions to help overcome these. So how can materials, the basic building blocks of our physical environment, help make our surroundings smarter?

Are you curious how materials can help make our surroundings more intelligent? Visit Material Xperience on 22nd, 23rd or 24th January 2014 in Ahoy Rotterdam. This year’s theme for the materials’ event for creative professionals is ‘The Smart Environment’.

During your visit, you’ll find out about the latest trends in the field of innovative materials: CO2 absorbing, self-cleaning, 3D-printed, interactive, super-smart. Discover them all at Material Xperience! For the Dutch site, click here.

For the knowledge addicts, Materia has invited acclaimed experts, visionaries and innovators from around the world as speakers. Today, we are also presenting these experts who will share their wisdom and experience with the visitors at Material Xperience. The speakers’ programme is online here.

Confirmed speakers are: Ken YeangMichael Pawlyn, Janjaap Ruijssenaars, Rogier van der Heide and Koert van Mensvoort. We will be bringing you details of their presentations soon, so stay in touch on Twitter (@Materia, #MX2014) and Facebook.

Kick off next year with maximum inspiration: visit Material Xperience. We look forward to your visit!