What not to miss at the Milan Design Week 2018 (part 2)

The Milan Design Week is the most famous design event in the world. This year, the event will take place from 17 to 22 April. For your convenience, Materia has listed some interesting material highlights! Today, part 2 (part 1, part 3).

Transitions III
The exhibition Transitions III by Baars & Bloemhoff, which could also be seen at the Dutch Design Week 2017, will also be exhibited at the Milan Design Week.

Mae Engelgeer designed a series of furniture and used materials such as metal laminate and bamboo to create coffee tables, wall furniture and a room divider.

Floris Wubben created lamps, which he made by heating the solid surface material HI-MACS and tearing it to show the normally hidden inside.

Studio Truly Truly created four architectural light sculptures made from Forbo Bulletin Board and adonised aluminium.

Christian Heikoop designed furniture made from metal, which are coated with a wood veneer to create the illusion of ultra thin wooden furniture.

Bart Joachim van Uden, finally, made furniture from particleboard, which is digitally printed to look like marble.

The Mindcraft exhibition consists of the works of various Danish designers.

Carl Emil Jacobsen, for instance, hand-moulded 6 objects around a core of polystyrene foam and steel, coating them with fibre reinforced concrete and painted with grey/black pigments extracted from geological strata in the Hanklit cliff on the Danish island of Mors.

‘Dissolved into the Fabric’ by Isabel Berglund consists of large hand-knit textile sculptures with large and small stitches and added lengths of waxed cotton string, mounted on an interior frame of hand-bent metal.

Maria Koshenkova created glass sculptures made using the classic technique ‘cire perdue’, lost-wax casting. In a complex process involving multiple castings, Maria Koshenkova covers rope with mould material, then burns the rope to create a cavity inside the mould. The cavity is filled with molten glass to create a replica of the rope. Each piece is kiln-fired for about two weeks.

The LMA (Lick My Ass) chair by Pettersen & Hein is a chair sculpture made of four cast pigment-dyed concrete blocks, joined together with iron tubes, and a glass-blasted, anodised aluminium seat with hand-made indentations that create a textured surface.

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Photos: Baars & Bloemhoff / Mindcraft